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4 Best YouTube videos to get started with Figma

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Sharing top Youtube videos for beginners to learn UI/UX designing with Figma.

Figma is one of my favourite design tool of all time. I was blown away by its features and ease of use and, I’ve been campaigning for my team to switch from Sketch to Figma. It’s cross-platform and collaboration feature is awesome. If you’re just starting with Figma or want to use it, these video tutorial is for you.

Intro to Figma: beginners guide to Figma Basics

By Jesse Showalter

This video cover all the basics you need to know to start using Figma.

Figma tutorial For beginner

By AJ&Smart

Learn the basics of using Figma for designing and prototyping.

Figma 101: an introduction tutorial

By CharliMarieTV

This 101 tutorial covers the basics of Figma: How it works and how to use it.

Figma Tutorial: a free UI design/prototyping tool

By DesignCourse

Learn to create a mobile layout while discovering many features of Figma

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