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7 UX design podcasts for beginners

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Sharing a list of 7 UX podcast episodes that are beneficial for beginners.

Learning is a continues process. There’s always something new to know and learn. Podcasts are a great way to learn from the other designers and find out what’s going in the design world. Thus, sharing some of my favourite UX podcast episodes.

If you’re new to design & UX these are the episodes for you.

Google UX interns (Method Podcast)

3 Google Interns – Garrett Tolbert, Andrea Davila, and Alex Lim talk about life as a Google UX intern. What led them to their internships? How their experience has changed them, and what is next in their UX journeys?

The 5 ingredients to UX (Design Huddle )

In this episode, Ryan and Brandon talk about the 5 main ingredients of UX: Psychology, Usability, Design, Copywriting, and Analysis. New to Design & UX this is an episode for you.

Being in UX at a startup (UX Cake)

Leigh, Phillip, and Cassie tell their very different stories about the challenges of working in UX at a start-up and techniques they use to address these challenges.

The Google UX hiring process (Method Podcast)

In this episode, host Travis Neilson talks with Google Design Manager Mike Buzzard about the seven phases of the Google UX hiring process. What exactly is a “noogler” and how do you become one?

What is life like as a user researcher for Facebook? (The Boagworld UX Show )

In this episode, Brooke Baldwin from Facebook talks about what it is like to do user research for a worldwide audience.

Common mistakes UX designers Make (Design Huddle )

In this episode Ryan and Brandon share the most common mistakes that UXers make.

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